DirecTV Now sports channels stream

DirecTV Now is now available, and as a sports fan who has either cut the cord or are thinking about cutting the cord, you must be wondering, what sports channels can I stream on this new service?  Below is a quick cheat sheet that lists of all the sports channels offered and in which tier/package they are offered in.

 Live a Little ($35/mo)Just Right ($50/mo)Go Big ($35/mo*)Gotta Have It ($70/mo)
ESPN (Live & VOD)YesYesYesYes
ESPN2 (Live)YesYesYesYes
ESPNNEWS (Live)YesYesYes
ESPNU (Live & VOD)YesYesYes
FOX Sports 1 (Live & VOD)YesYesYesYes
FOX Sports 2 (Live)YesYes
MLB Network (Live)YesYesYes
NBA TV (Live)YesYes
NBC Sports Network (Live & VOD)YesYesYes
NHL Network (Live)YesYes
SEC Network (Live & VOD)YesYesYes
Tennis Channel (Live)YesYes
Univision Deportes Network (Live & VOD)Yes
Golf Channel (Live & VOD)YesYes

*Limited time pricing

The Go Big plan probably gets you the best coverage of sports channels, but you can easily go down to the Just Right plan and sacrifice just NBA TV, Golf Channel, and Fox Sports 2. The Live a Little plan, being the most basic gets your only 3 sports channels – ESPN, ESPN2, and Fox Sports 1, but that may be be all most people need if they’re not a die hard fan for a particular sport and don’t need any sport specific networks. Speaking of sport specific networks, I’m happy to see the inclusion of the MLB Network, NBA TV and NHL Network but the NFL Network is no where to be seen unfortunately.

DirecTV Now also provides many regional sports network depending on which zip code you live in.  See the full list here.  It looks like all the local FoxSports and CSN channels are available for their respective region.  I also see the YES network so Yankee fans can breathe a sigh of relief.  These regional sports channels are available on all the tiers except the cheapest Live a Little plan.

Overall, a very good set of options and channels here for cord cutting sports fans. DirecTV Now looks like a very solid entry in the online TV streaming space and looks to contend with Sling TV.  I say the more competition, the better it will be for the customers so if you’re a sports watching fanatic who wants to cut cable, there’s not better time than the present.