Barcelona Real Madrid Online

If you’re looking to watch Barcelona, Real Madrid or any La Liga game live online, BeIn Sports is the place you’ll find these games. beIN Sports is a fairly recent channel in the US with most of it’s content being soccer related. Aside from La Liga games, beIN Sports also televise the Spanish cup called La Copa del Rey, Serie A, English Emirates FA Cup and other leagues like the French Ligue 1.

BeIN Sports owns the exclusive rights of La Liga games in the United States. This means this network is the only way you’ll be able to watch Barcelona’s Lionel Messi or Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo & Gareth Bale or in my case, it’s the only way for me to watch tiny upstart SD Eibar.

Thankfully for La Liga fans, beIN is ahead of it’s time in that they’ve created their own streaming service beIN Sports Connect (available to those who pay for cable or satellite service with beIN included) and more importantly for cord cutters, they’ve partnered with a few streaming providers. This means consumers have a few options when deciding which service to buy in order to watch La Liga game.

Currently streaming services offering La Liga game: – Starts at $14.99 per month. Current 7 day free trial. No contracts are needed so you can cancel at any time. See our review

Sling – Minimum Cost $25. Current Sling deals: 7 day free day trialfree Roku Express if you pre-pay for 1 month or a 50% discount on a Roku Premiere +/ Apple TV if you pre-pay for three months. No contracts are needed so you can cancel at any time. See our Sling review

Yiptv – Cost $14.99 per month

So which options is best?

Streamsportsguide has not reviewed Yiptv so we’ll await judgement on this streaming service and we’ll only focus on Fubo and Sling.

The best option for a household or an individual depends on whether you’re interested in only a soccer streaming service or would like a replacement for your current cable or satellite provider.

If you’re looking for a one off service because you’re a huge soccer fan, Fubo,tv is the best choice. Buying this service would give you access to more leagues than just La Liga, but the content is mostly soccer content. The service starts at $14.99 per month so it’s an affordable way to watch these games if you’re not interested in other sports.

If you’d like to watch sports other than soccer or regular channels like HGTV, Disney, or ESPN, then Sling is the best option for you. Sling will provide a full range of channels so you’ll be able to replace your current cable or satellite service while being able to watch Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for as low as $25 per month.