Roku Premiere+

The Roku Premiere+ is the second best device that Roku makes and normally goes for $100. Until December 10th, it’s on sale for $89.99, a savings of $10 at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Roku.

This sale makes it only $10 more (normally $20 more) than the Roku Premier, which lacks HDR support, an ethernet port, a MicroSD slot, a point anywhere remote, and headphone jacks on the remote for private listening.

The point anywhere remote with a built in headphone jack alone is worth the $10 upgrade, especially useful while watching TV late at night and you don’t want to disturb anyone else next to you, or in the house.

The biggest difference between the Roku Premiere+ and the Roku Sticks is that it supports 4K content.  Now of course you need a 4K television first, but fortunately, prices for 4K televisions aren’t that expensive anymore.

4K content on the other hand is whole different story.  Sure, Amazon Prime and Netflix are continuing to add 4K content to its library, but live streaming of sports in 4K is not quite there yet despite making some progress.  It’s definitely not the mainstream or the norm like 1080p is, but someday 4K will catch on and the Roku Premier+ will be a good option for those who want to future proof their streaming device.

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