If you’d like to find out how to watch what’s considered by most the best soccer league in the world, Premier League, we’ll walk you through some of the options. The premier league is the 2nd most watched soccer league in the US only behind Mexico’s Ligamx so if you’re a US soccer fan, it’s likely you’ll want to watch the likes of Manchester United, Man City and Arsenal play for the Premier League title.

In the United States, NBC Sports (NBC, NBCSN,USA, CNBC,NBC Universo & Telemundo) has the exclusive rights to televise Premier League games. The NBC family of channels are mostly available either through a cable or satellite subscription but also through various streaming providers and as of this year, there will be a Premier League streaming package available for XX. Cable & satellite subscriptions tends to be pricey so we’ll be reviewing two streaming providers options, Fubo.tv & Sling, as well as the streaming package being sold directly by NBC.

Streaming Providers

As we mentioned before, there are two streaming options we’ll be detailing in this review. There are other streaming options that carry the NBC family of sports (DirectvNow & Vue by Playstation) but we’ll be limiting our review to the streaming services we’ve used.


Fubotv Paquete Premier

Premier Package


Total Channels: 54 (if you don’t count the 9 BeinSports channels)

This is best option for all around soccer fans as you’ll be able to watch every major soccer league in Europe, Champions League as well as local leagues like MLS and Ligamx. The biggest drawback to this package is not being able to watch every Premier League game and also not having ESPN 


Sling Blue Package
Sling Blue Package

Blue Package


Total Channels: 45

This is the most affordable option of the two streaming providers but it does provide a bit less. The biggest drawback to the blue package is not having BeinSports which means you won’t be able to watch La Liga, Seria A or Ligue 1. Sling’s Blue package is really only for Premier League, Champions, Ligamx and MLS fans. It is possible to add Bein Sports & ESPN to the offering but it would drive the price to $40/month in which case Fubo.tv’s Premier Package seems like a better option. 

Premier League Pass

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 9.46.40 PM

$50 for the entire 2017-18 season

130 out of 380 Premier League matches

Starting this season, NBC Sports will be offering the Premier League Pass for $50. Although the price is much lower than the other two options mentioned above, keep in mind the Premier League Pass will only be showing about one third of all Premier League games. It’s also speculated the top teams will not be featured much meaning this package would probably be best for a fans of teams typically in the bottom half of the table. 

There is some info out about the app and it does not appear that at this point the app is available with popular streaming hardware like Roku or Firetv so at this point you’ll be relegated to watching on a device like a phone or table or through a chromecast.

Bottom Line

If you’re on a budget the most cost effective way to watch some premier league games is the Premier League Pass but if you’re a fan of a top team don’t expect to watch many of your favorite team via the app. 

Premier League fanatics of any team will need a combination of a streaming service and the Premier Pass to ensure watching every single one of your team’s 38 games. This means you’ll have to pay at least $25 per month for Sling as well as the premier league pass cost of $50.

The best middle of the road solution is deciding between Fubo.tv & Sling since most week you’ll be able to chose from about 5 or 6 games. The decision between these two services will likely depend on what other soccer leagues you like watching, so if you’re like watching La Liga as well as the Premier League then Fubo.tv is your best option. If you don’t like La Liga, Sling is your best option.